Why “KOPLO” Music Increasingly Popular In Indonesia?



Via Vallen

Source Image : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VVrd-PRpzw

“I’m sorry darling, my heart has already dangdut” – The Kandang

In 2010 officially I touched Java island to continiue my study in bachelor program. I choose Yogyakarta as the main destination for learning caused by there are so many university with good reputation here. Since then I fell in love with koplo music. I don’t know why, maybe because this music is easy listening and society there like to play that music in public area and their home. Koplo is music which never look social status. It means when you starting listen it, you will carried away in that music.

What is koplo music? 

Koplo music is part of dangdut that given by additional creativity. Bit this music also different with dangdut which more faster in middle to the end. So that, people always call this music is Dangdut Koplo.


Nella Kharisma

Source Image : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j3xw0ytlcY

Any correlation koplo with Construction Industry?

I don’t know it’s just my assumtion or true, but mostly engineers and workers in the project love this music very much. I have observed the work of mat foundation 3 months ago, and I found to dissipate the feeling of tired Site Manager play the koplo music. It’s happened caused by to complete mat foundation need more than 24 hours. I’m never observed for daily work but I have feeling that it will be have same condition.

Lately there are so many modern dangdut koplo stars. Via Vallen and Nella Kharisma are two name who always got a lot of attention from the viewers. Not only have good looking but also great voice and performance can they show to koplo lovers. Their youtube videos also always dominate the trending. Video “Sayang” from Via Vallen has been watched by more than 148 million viewers. Nella Kharisma also did not want to lose, video “Jaran Goyang” has been watched by more than 160 million. It is very fenomenal caused by pop and others genre music in Indonesia nowdays hard to get viewers that much.

Who is the real koplo music lovers actually? Why this music genre become fenomenal in millineals. The perfect reason maybe because of the rhythm of this music is very comfortable to make the body dance. Actually koplo music is music that much enjoyed by society in the countryside. It is caused by the show is always held in the field or vast place. Cheap entertainment that don’t need to pay ticket and than you can dance together with people there. For your information both Via Vallen and Nella Kharisma started from stage to stage. It is means before they famous right nowdays there are a great struggle to be defeated.

Can koplo music go international? Hmmm….. need more effort and packaging innovation to bring this genre into International arena. We can study from India that succesfully bring their music accompany  Bollywood movie. This is indication that music which indentity of the nation can be exposed to the world by smart way. Koplo music character that has similarities with regge, ska, and dangdut can make this genre easy to introduce.

In conclusion, feel or soul that koplo music offer can indeed bring a positive influence to revive the mood. Thus, it should not be difficult to bring this genre of music to the international realm.

Jakarta, 03 May 2018

Berkah Dalem 🙂


54 thoughts on “Why “KOPLO” Music Increasingly Popular In Indonesia?

  1. Any correlation koplo with Construction Industry?
    Pertanyaan itu sepertinya belum terjawab, mas/mbak. Tapi lebih dari itu, sepertinya itu pertanyaan bagus juga buat saya, soalnya saya heran juga sama popularitas koplo. 🙂

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    1. Pekerjaan diproyek itu sangat melelahkan mas dan koplo bisa jadi salah satu hiburan. Sebagian besar tukang-tukang & Engineernya mayoritas dari daerah yg notabennya pencinta koplo, jadi ketika hal yg mereka suka difasilitasi itu bisa jadi sangat menyenangkan. Dengan begitu music koplo selalu hidup di dunia konstruksi…hahahaha ( gak menjawab juga)🙏😂😂🙏


  2. Can koplo music go international? Interesting question,
    But Thanks to you, I didn’t even know a Koplo genre in the beginning, I thought it was just a Dangdut. Nice post anyway..

    Nice to know you, hmm… what’s your name again? or should I call you Xaverius or Truntum? 😀

    Liked by 3 people

      1. oo.. I see, cz not a big fan of dangdut anyway. But Via Vallen lately make this kind of music such a “boom”. Cool. Hope this kind of culture become a long lasting.
        Hi Xave, you can call me Anna, 😀

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  3. On another note … Good day!! Hey!! Thanks for stopping by “It Is What It Is” … and the follow. Hope you enjoy your visits there!! Hugs … Peace!!’ __/l\__


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